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Build Your Own Automated Trading Strategy

Without coding and for
any market you want

  • Create Strategies for Forex and Futures Indexes 
  • Access to Software for Creating Trading Strategies
  • Everything Explained Step-by-Step
  • ​​Free Futures and Forex Data for Strategy Development
  • ​Free Ready to Trade Bonus Trading Strategies

Supported trading platforms:

And the best part:  It works even if you are a complete newbie in trading.

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30-Days Money
 Back Guarantee

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100% Satisfaction

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30-Days Money Back Guarantee

24/7 Support Available

100% Satisfaction 

Strategies for any Market

Create unlimited number of trading strategies for:


Check what is saying about StrategyQuant Shahed K:

Supported trading platforms:

It’s SPECIALLY Designed For everyone who want to trade using robots

No matter which niche you are in. It works perfectly for everyone who likes trading.

“Hi, I am Sydney Zanka and I am not programmer”

Perhaps we have two things in common:

1. I am Trader and Investor. I have done thousands of trades, built and tested tenths of thousands of strategies, and shared my knowledge with more than 20 000 traders all around the world.

2. I don’t like spending all day and night in front of computer watching markets . (just like you?)

Stop Learning Start Earning

I’m 100% sure that it is crucial to be able to use trading strategies. Why? Because…

Automated strategies = Future of trading

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Look. Let’s be honest. You don’t know me (probably), I don’t know you.

Why you should trust me when there is a high chance you have bought a course before from somebody else (who you didn’t know at that time) and it flopped, right?

I decided to take all the risks from your shoulders and give you full 30 days to go through the program.

During this time you can decide if it is worth the price. If not just send us an email to lab@strategyquant.com and we’ll send you a refund right away!

Inside Your Strategy Toolkit

Here’s EVERYTHING You Need To Get An Easy


To Stand Out And Beat Markets With Your Robots

  • Software for Generating Strategies - StrategyQuant (for four weeks) (value $229)
  • ​Lifetime Trading for Your Created Robots (unlocked sourced code) (value $159)
  • Step-by-Step how to Generate Strategies in StrategyQuant (value $229)
  • Quality Spices - Set of Proven Quality Tests (value $199)
  • ​​Trading Strategies to Launch (value $199)
  • ​BONUS #1 Live Trading Action Plan (value $59)
  • BONUS #2 Ready to Trade Set Of Strategies (value $179)
  • BONUS #3 Futures and Forex data for Strategy Development (value $199)
  • BONUS #4 “Smooth-Action” Support (value priceless)

Total Value: $1,452

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 ✅ 75 pages E-book with step-by-step launch know-how 
 ✅ Portfolio of four strategies to start that made 20 000 USD in live OOS (Portfolio of four strategies) for your quicker start.  

Thanks to 10x smaller contract size Micro Futures Indexes have become a real game changer in algo-world. With this quick launch setup, you can start trading them right away

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ONETIME OFFER – Friday Gold Trader
 Ready to trade strategy
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✅ Enclosed complete trading rules
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Before weekend hedge funds protect their open positions against unexpected market movements by purchasing gold.

Learn how to trade it and benefit from this long-term edge having it in your trading portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it support Indian market?

Yes, StrategyQuant have Integrated Yahoo data downloader for these stocks. Once you have the data, you can create trading robots for it.

Yes, StrategyQuant have Integrated Yahoo data downloader for these stocks. Once you have the data, you can create trading robots for it including Indian indicles. StrategyQuant support MT4,MT5, MultiCharts trading plaforms. Every broker who supports these platforms is suitable. For example Roboforex..

What is StrategyQuant?

StrategyQuant is market leading software for developing algorithmic strategies. It allows you to develop, backtest and optimize your strategies, all within one program.

Is it for a lifetime license with all the features?

You will obtain access to the four weeks of StrategyQuant license. All trading robots which you will create during this time have disclosed source code and will work lifetime.

There are multiple ways how to continue with algotrading after this four weeks license ends:
- Join Institutional trading course and obtain three extra months of license
- Obtain license for free from RoboForex broker
- Purchase full StrategyQuant license for action price
- Continue using trading robots which you already created
- Improve your trading strategies with algowizard.io free tool.

When can I start using 3 Step Strategy Toolbox?

Right after purchase you will receive email with the access o the 3 Step Strategy Toolbox + license code for the StrategyQuant software. From this moment you can start creating your trading strategies.

Hi, is this monthly subscription or lifetime?

This is one time payment where you will receive complete package which consist of lifetime and time-limited products:
- Lifetime access to the explanatory and education videos & knowledge.
- Four weeks access to the StrategyQuant software which you will need for generating your portfolio.
- Free access to the AlgoWizard software for the ongoing editing and backtesting strategies during live trading period.

Are there some computer minimum requirements?

Powerful computers manage strategy tests faster. The minimum requirement is Dual core – i3, 8 GB of RAM, and 20 GB of free hard disk space.

What kind of support is available for me?

You can contact us at email and our team of experienced traders will provide you dedicated support. 

Do I need any programming skills?

No, the program´s interface is specially designed so you do not need any programming or mathematical skills.

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